About me


Welcome to Sweet Artichoke!

Cooking is one of my passions!

This blog is primarily a mean of keeping track of the recipes I have cooked, share them with my friends and of course, with new readers !!!

Being a mixture of French, Swiss and Italian, married to a Bengali, food and eating ARE  important for me! My Papy (Grand father) was a pâtissier- confiseur (professional pastry maker and confectioner) and so was one of my great grand-fathers. I do hope that from the sweet paradise where they are now, Papy is watching over me and is satisfied with some of the outcomes . To be honnest,  I must confess that my interest in cooking, baking and food in general  has not started when I was small…  I always enjoyed good food and eating (!), but it has become a real passion and interest only when I finished university and started to work… *smiles*

Creativity is part of the fun I find in cooking, therefore I am absolutely unable to follow a recipe without changing the proportions, adding or removing ingredients… Being a vegetarian, I am always disappointed to see how most non-vegetarian are imagining vegetarian cooking as dull and unappetizing (plain tofu, anyone??)… Luckily for my tastebuds, I am in direct contact with one of the most delicious cuisine of the world: Indian cuisine, which is a Heaven for vegetarians….

Most of my inspiration in cooking is taken from Indian, French and sometimes Italian and Middle-Eastern cuisines, but not exclusively….

While cooking, I use mostly organic food, because I believe every little step to protect our planet matters and for me organic is about an attitude and a respect for life in general. I do believe in using common sense, though, which means I use seasonal products before every other products. For me there is no point in eating organic strawberries all year long, given the pollution caused by the transportation of those strawberries…. Hence, I try to follow the seasons in my cooking, but  I use Asian products as well…

Finally, as English is not my mother tongue, please be indulgent and bear with my mistakes and French touches… Voilà!

I would love to hear your comments and feed back, so do not hesitate to leave a comment, ask a question and share your experience !

Happy cooking!

Sweet Artichoke

22 thoughts on “About me

  1. Don’t be modest: you ARE an expert photographer (all the Alps’ cows are here to testify it!) , and you ARE an expert cook (all our bellies can as well attest it!), and I am looking forward to discovering how an EXPERT COOK TEACHER you are !
    Mais c’est pas très sympa de faire écrire en anglais les vieilles copines feignantes!

  2. Bonjour, j’ai un livre qui va surement vous intéresser: Croquer sucré sans danger. Un livre qui ne contient aucun produit animal. Puisque les recettes sont simples et délicieuses, les personnes oublient que c’est “vegan”. Essayez les 2 recettes du site internet et redonnez-moi des nouvelles . Bonne cuisine!!

  3. Hi there!

    My name is Steve Walters and I recently started blogging at http://www.eatingbangkok.com, which is currently being updated with recipes, but in the next few months will be my vehicle for covering the food and restaurant scene in Bangkok Thailand.

    I am now in the process of meeting as many food bloggers as I can and I found your site http://sweetartichoke.com recently and was pretty impressed. I’ve added your site to my Foodie Blogs list here: http://www.eatingbangkok.com/foodie-blogs/ and would also like to add you to my blogroll.

    If you could add my site to your blogroll and write back to let me know it has been added I will add you to mine as well and the exchange would be greatly appreciated!

    As you might imagine I am very excited to get moved to Bangkok and get started on covering the food scene there as I feel it is an area that isn’t well covered by English speaking bloggers. I plan on adding loads of great reviews, pictures and even video and will be holding contests as well. It should be fun, entertaining and informative for everyone that visits.

    Thank you so much in advance for adding me to your blogroll and I look forward to reading your posts (I’ve subscribed!) and maybe even featuring some of your own posts as I do plan on a weekly roundup of Thai themed recipes and posts from other food bloggers.

    Warm regards,

    P.S. If you are on Twitter I would love to have you as a follower and I follow back:

  4. Pingback: AWED announcement and a veggie/fruit a month Radish round-up / Annonce pour AWED sur la cuisine suisse et récapitulatif sur les Radis « Sweet artichoke

  5. I’m so pleased to have found your blog. I agree with you about organic vegetables and eating seasonally – that’s how I try to cook and garden. I also like your mix of cuisines – I’m Welsh, grew up in the middle east and now live in south of France in a village with a lot of Spanish influences. I’ll be back – a bientot!

  6. Salut,
    Cette ete, j’ai visite la france pour le premier fois et j’ai bien gouter trop de recettes francaise chez mes amis la!
    Je suis sur votre site pour le premier fois et j’ai bien aime vos blog! je vais regarder les recettes ici et esaayer chez moi! 🙂
    Moi, je suis indienne et j’ai un food blog aussi.Vous pouvez visiter mon site pout trouver des recettes indien et typiquement Gujarati!
    Au revoirs,

    MOn Site Addresse : http://www.crumpledchillies.blogspot.com

  7. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog because it gave me a chance to discover yours
    I can’t wait to explore all the amazing recipes and stunning pictures that you have here

    Sawsan@chef in disguise

  8. I found you through paisley cookies on Pinterest. They are very pretty! Your recipes are wonderful! I am a Japanese expat living in Mumbai. Nice to have found you!

  9. Hello! Just discovered your blog. It is beautiful and the food looks amazing too! I am an American married to a Bengali (although we are both nonveg) and am always happy when I find good recipe sites 🙂

  10. Hi there!
    I love your blog! Really great recepies so lovely to find Swiss ones!!!
    I lived in CH-Lausanne for almost 6years and I miss all that great healthy food!
    Congrat’ for all your fantastic work and thank you to share it with all of us!
    I will try as many as I can manage next to my 2.5years old and job. :O)
    Please keep going!
    If you are interested I can share with you some special home made recepies from NL (Netherlannd)& HU (Hungary), as I am Hungarian, living in Holland & married to Dutch man.

    Keep up great work and I will keep reading & testing your recepies!
    Bonne soiree

  11. Greetings from Pondicherry, India!

    Just chanced on your blog while searching for a fenugreek and coriander tea. I am don’t cook but just eat!

    Wish to share some thoughts. I see you recommend organic ingredients then the next logical step would be to use whole wheat, unrefined sugar (e.g. jaggery) in pies and cakes – add a few grated nuts in the dough for the base and it will be yummy!

    Regarding Indian cooking my suggestion would be to use freshly ground spices, use minimal fat and leave out chillies altogether (chilli was introduced to India by Portuguese colonisers). Chilli drowns all the subtle taste of spices. Do try this out

    Continue good work, – Ajit

  12. Bonjour,

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  14. About to try out the Berner Leckerli recipe and then mail the cookies to my son, eagerly awaiting them on the other side of North America, ie near Boston. I am in Canada, also half Swiss background by my Papa from Aarau! And I went to cooking school in Lausanne, where we deliberately slightly burned all the cakes so they could not be sold in the gymnase cafeteria and were given to us instead to get rid of!

  15. Hi Sweet Artichoke! I mentioned you for the Liebster Award 4.0. You can find more details on my blog but I hope you can understand Italian 🙂
    Otherwise pls let me know and I’ll provide you different way.
    Last but not least, Hope this doesn’t bother you.

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