Strawberry pie with a green lime twist – Tarte aux fraises avec petit zeste vert

(recette en français, plus bas)

With the beginning of summer, strawberries are everywhere in the market and here, you can even go to some farms and pick them up yourself, which is great fun.

Here is a simple strawberry tart recipe. The crust is called pâte sablée and it is made with the same dough used to make sablés (shortbreads). Some people add an egg to the dough, so that it is more manageable. I prefer it  is eggless, but it is up to you…

I think the strawberry taste blends well with lime, so I added some lime zest in the dough and later, on the pie. Everybody loved the little “twist” given by the lime!

I am sending this recipe to the Sizzling Summer contest.

Ingredients for a 24cm round tin:

200g flour

130g butter (at room temperature)

75g icing sugar

1 pinch salt

optionnal, for a dough easier to roll: 1 egg

zest of 2 limes

500g strawberries

4-5 tablespoon strawberry jam


2 dl cream

2 tablespoon sugar


Whisk the butter with sugar. When it is light and fluffy, add the flour and one lime zest. if you are using the egg version, add the egg now.  Mix with your fingers as briefly as possible until it forms a dough. This dough should not be kneaded.

Cover the tin with baking paper and roll the dough on it.

tip to roll the dough easily: I directly place the dough in the middle of the tin and flatten it with a small rolling pin and my fingers 🙂

Refrigerate for 15 minutes.

Preheat the oven at 180°C.

Bake the dough for about 15 minutes (until slightly golden).

Keep aside to cool down.

Wash and hull the strawberries, cut them in two.

Spread some jam on the crust. Dispose strawberries on it.

Finally, warm up the remaining jam and brush it onto the strawberries, as glazing.

Sprinkle with some lime zest.

Optionnal, but really yummy:

Whisk the cream with the sugar until it becomes firm, put on the pie and sprinkle with lime zest.

Tarte aux fraises avec zeste vert

Ingrédients pour un moule rond de 24cm:

200g de farine

130g de beurre (à température ambiante)

75g de sucre glace

1 pincée de sel

optionnel, pour que la pâte s’étale mieux: 1 oeuf

le zeste de 2 citrons verts

500g fraises

4-5 cuillère à soupe de confiture de fraise


2 dl de crème

2 cuillères à soupe de sucre


Fouetter le beurre avec le sucre. Quand il est aérien et mousseux, ajouter la farine (éventuellement l’oeuf) et un zeste de lime. Mélanger avec les doigts aussi brièvement que possible jusqu’à ce qu’il forme une pâte. Cette pâte ne doit pas être pétrie.

Couvrir le moule de papier sulfurisé et étaler la pâte dessus. (j’ai directement placé la pâte au milieu du moule et l’ai aplatie avec un rouleau et avec mes doigts).

Réfrigérer pendant 15 minutes.

Préchauffer le four à 180 ° C.

Cuire la pâte pendant environ 15 minutes (jusqu’à ce qu’elle soit légèrement dorée).

Laisser refroidir.

Laver et équeuter les fraises, les couper en deux.

Étaler un peu de confiture sur le fond de pâte. Placer les fraises dessus

Enfin, réchauffer la confiture restante et badigeonner les fraises, comme glaçage.

Parsemer de quelques zestes de citron vert.

En option:

Fouetter la crème avec le sucre jusqu’à ce qu’elle devienne ferme, verser sur la tarte et parsemer de zeste de lime.

10 thoughts on “Strawberry pie with a green lime twist – Tarte aux fraises avec petit zeste vert

  1. Hey Sweet Artichoke,
    This tart looks amazing, especially with the redness of your strawberries. So pretty! You know, we didn’t have a strawberry season here like we normally do. I just got a Le Creuset tart pan in the mail, and I’m still figuring what to make…?
    Like your blog by the way-will be back!

  2. ohh that looks absolutely gorgeous. never tried my hand in sweet tarts as hubby doesnot like them. guess will now make some tartlets kind of things with your recipe. we get strawberries here only in winter…do you thiunk cherries will work fine in this recipe?

    • Hi Sayantani!
      Well, I have never tried the crust of this pie with cherries, it might be good, too. Or maybe you could cook them separately with some sugar first and then add them as a kind of compote?
      I prefer to use cherries in clafoutis or in a cooked pie (meaning : cooking both the crust and the cherries). Hahaha, now, you have given me food for thought about a new kind a cherry pie… to be followed 🙂

      • thanks for the reply. I actually bought a pack of cherries today. so came to check this. am preparing a cobbler and mini tartlets with this. hope that will turn out nice. between today is Jamai sashti (a bengali festival where mother in law prepares delicacies for their son in laws and also pray for them and shower them with gifts) as am away I prepared Hubby’s fav dishes. did you prepared anything? just asking as you are so very interested in your Bengali culture.

      • Oh no, I heard about this festival, but did not get that it was today until I read your reply 😦 I will tell my Mom about it and we will celebrate a little late!! I think it is really important to keep these celebrations alive, especially while living abroad!
        Wishing you and your hubby a lovely Jamai sashti!

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